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The Enneagram offers organisations a key to unlocking individual, team and organisational health and optimising effectiveness. 

Teams and companies aren’t born great! They evolve to high-performance through a variety of stages by building trust, harnessing diversity, understanding communication styles and moving from unhealthy conflict to healthy conflict and collaboration.

The vital ingredient to this success is emotional intelligence (EQ), and the Enneagram is regarded by many business leaders and trainers as one of the most effective tools to develop this. 

Helping team members to be both self-aware and others-aware is a fundamental way to build trust and develop a purpose-led organisational culture of happy, healthy and high-performing employees.

Trust is essential to an efficient and effective organisation because it provides a sense of safety. When employees feel safe with each other, they feel comfortable to open up, take appropriate risks, and expose vulnerabilities.

However, without trust, there’s less innovation, collaboration, creative thinking, and productivity, and people spend their time protecting themselves and their interests. This is time that should be spent helping the organisation meet its objectives, achieve its targets and fulfil its purpose.

Not all great teams and companies are the same! Each must develop a unique contract and effective ways of working together that harness the gifts of their teams and the Enneagram supports this. In addition, the Enneagram helps create alignment and clarity, which is critical for building and maintaining a healthy and efficient organisational culture, while delivering success. 

The Enneagram’s leadership application

The Enneagram allows participants to understand the nine different leadership paradigms and their related leadership strengths and potential derailers; the predictable behaviours of leaders of each type; and the best development activities to enhance leadership capability based on the Enneagram type. 

In addition, the Enneagram can be used to develop very specific leadership competencies, from driving for results to strategic planning, leading high-performing teams, and more.

Other benefits of using the Enneagram in the workplace include:

  • Improved collaboration and team dynamics
  • Greater utilisation of strengths and skills 
  • More effective communication 
  • Improved productivity and performance.

The iEQ9 Enneagram Team Report scales the insight and development process to the team level. It adds value to the health and effectiveness of teams working together in an organisational setting. 

The Team Report is 20 pages and covers the team’s primary, secondary and under-developed styles, the team style on relationships, as well as planning, tasks and preferred goals.  The report describes team development stages, unhealthy team behaviours and potential team pitfalls, risks and challenges. 

It details the unique strengths that each Enneagram type in the team brings to problem-solving as well as each type’s underlying motivation, leadership characteristics, communication and conflict style and other key traits.

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